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I am Jennifer, an iOS Engineer since June 2011. A wife, mom, and a career woman. We live in Cebu, Philippines. My husband, John, is also an iOS Engineer. I have been working from home since 2015, I was lucky to get clients from abroad and got offered full-time jobs while working remotely.

I've focused mainly on native iOS programming, I know Objective-C, Swift, been doing SwiftUI since November 2020, and RxSwift since 2021. I have made a lot of iOS applications in the past, some made it to the AppStore, some didn't, and some got removed after a few years. 

I am currently working as a remote iOS Wallet Engineer of, so I am now enjoying the benefits of being in a great team, and also knowing more about cryptocurrency. 

I still like to learn more! I enjoy programming, and I hope to always have the time to learn/re-learn different programming languages aside from iOS, or perhaps new iOS technologies and cool APIs, or even tools that are helpful in a project. As a mom, I feel that I am always time-constricted - but I hope to be able to build a good habit of learning something new by starting this blog.

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