I'm from Cebu Philippines. I have almost 10 years experience doing iOS Programming. And have been working remotely for 6 years now. I used Objective-C for a good amount of years, and then started doing Swift. And just recently (since November 2020), I've started using SwiftUI.


Employer is from Tokyo, Japan. Cryptocurrency. Part of the team who makes the wallet app.

Bitcoin Wallet: buy BTC & BC‪H‬

  • Team Member. Swift. VIPER architecture. SwiftUI. MVVM architecture.

  • Code Reviews, Review and Test other people's PR

  • Unit Test (XCTest) on Domain layer

  • Part of the team who makes the new iOS native wallet which was previously done in Cordova. Users can buy, send, receive, swap BTC, BCH, ETH and other Tokens. You can see your wallet mnemonics, so rest assured that as long as you have that, you can import your wallet on another Cryptocurrency app.

  • Multisig

  • CloudBackup

  • I've learned more about cryptocurrency because of my job here, and I couldn't be happier being able to learn something new, something totally different from my past projects.

  • Technology:

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Blockchain

  • RxSwift

  • Realm, RealmSwift

  • GRPC

  • OneSignal Notification

  • BitcoinKit (but we deprecated it and started using) TrustWalletCore

  • Bugsnag

  • Amplitude

  • MoonPay

  • Crowdin (Localization)

  • Cocoapods

  • Swift Package Manager


  • GoogleSDK

  • AppStore Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bitcoin-wallet-buy-btc-bch/id1252903728

Bitcoin Cash Register

  • iOS Engineer. Swift. MVC architecture

  • I only did bug fixing in this app since I am a dedicated Wallet app engineer. I only get pulled in when there's a bug need to fix, and also help code review and test PRs made before it gets out to the public.

  • AppStore Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bitcoin-cash-register/id1460652887

​​WalletBlockchainCore SDK

  • iOS Engineer. Swift.

  • We created an SDK for our Wallet app, underlying TrustCore Wallet and BitcoinKit libraries.

  • But there are some features that the TrustCore doesn't have, like being able to create our own multiple scripts for SLP. So we have to use TrustCore for BTC and BTC (and other cryptocurrency that we will be including in the future), and use BitcoinKit for SLP and Bip70.


Employer is from United Kingdom. Created multiple iPhone/iPad utility apps which focuses on online ordering, and hospitality. All of the iOS apps are only available in the UK, so the AppStore links may not work.


  • iOS Engineer. Objective-C

  • Created an SDK (static library, Objective-C), and later made it into a framework. The BarpassSDK contains all API-related functions, Private and Public classes, parsing and saving of data to local storage. This SDK is used by a lot of our applications. It is written in Objective-C, since it hides our private methods / functions from possible users outside the organization who may have a copy of our SDK. When we create a framework, it only shows the interface files (.h).


  • The only iOS Engineer. Objective-C. MVC architecture. Uses BarPassSDK

  • Unit Test (XCTest) on API services

  • Mobile Ordering for Le Pain Quotidien restaurants in London. User may now order their favorite drink ahead of time, and drop to the restaurant to get their order. Or they may dine-in, and choose to pay the restaurant via LPQ app. Loyalty Rewards once user completed the 'dough' image on the Loyalty screen, and they are given a piece of the 'dough' every time a user orders via app, and may claim the rewards using the app.

  • Technology:

  • FB SDK

  • Stripe (ApplePay and Braintree payment)

  • Location-based

  • Localz iBeacons technology

  • Fabric Crashlytics

  • Mixpanel

  • AutoLayout

  • LPQ AppStore Link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/lpq/id1064430371


  • The only iOS Engineer. Swift. MVC architecture. Uses BarPassSDK

  • Unit Test (XCTest) on API services

  • Mobile Ordering from any of the Grind coffee shops in London (Shoreditch, London, Holborn and more Grind venues in London). You can order ahead of time, setup your pick-up time, and you can have you coffee as soon as you reach the store. You will also gain points, and when you reach 10 Grind points, you get free coffee.

  • Aside from using our own BarPassSDK, we’re also connecting to the Grind’s main Database to sync their customer’s details and Loyalty points.

  • Technology:

  • FB SDK

  • Stripe (ApplePay and Braintree payment)

  • Location-based

  • Localz iBeacons technology

  • Fabric Crashlytics

  • Mixpanel

  • AutoLayout

  • Grind AppStore Link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/grind/id1037989222?mt=8


  • Team Member. Objective-C. This is the first iOS app created by BPL Digital for Mobile Ordering, previously called the “BarPass” app. One of the very first few apps with ApplePay when it was launched in the UK.

  • Technology:

  • Location-based

  • iBeacon

  • ApplePay

  • Braintree

  • No longer available in the AppStore

Grand National Fast Track (GNFT)

  • The only iOS Engineer. Ojbective-C. MVC.

  • Order and pay securely for all your drinks on the Grand National Fast Track app. Collect from bars around the grounds or have them delivered to your seats in Lord Sefton and Earl of Derby Stands.

  • Technology:

  • Location-based

  • iBeacon

  • Braintree for payment

  • GNFT AppStore Link: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/grand-national-fast-track/id972595515?mt=8

Rex and Mariano

  • Lead iOS Engineer. Objective-C. MVC.

  • An iPad app for a restaurant in Soho, London allows user to select from the menu, send their orders, and view their bill, may also add feedback to the service of the restaurant. Enterprise App used at Rex and Mariano restaurant.

Village Hotel

  • Lead iOS Engineer. Objective-C. MVC.

  • An iPad app for a Village Hotel in London allows user to select from the menu, send their orders, and view their bill, may also add feedback to the service of the restaurant. Enterprise App.


  • Lead iOS Engineer. Swift. POP.

  • An iPad app for ShakeSmart kiosks (in the US) where users can put in their orders first before going to the counter to pay what they just ordered using the iPad. Enterprise App.

  • Uses Enterprise Apple Account, we send our builds to the US through Meraki.

GrabThai Kiosk

  • Team Member. Swift. POP.

  • Made some UI changes, and few small features. An iPad app for GrabThai restaurant where users can view the menu and put in their orders first. Enterprise App.


  • Team Member. Swift. VIPER.

  • I was guided by a Senior iOS Engineer, was able to learn a lot about Swift and VIPER. We also did code reviews and unit testing.

  • A generic iPad ordering app that has the very common features of seeing the menu, setting the table, sending orders to the kitchen, and seeing the bill.

  • Enterprise app


Employer is from the United States. The app was initially made by the Russian team, but the company has decided to outsource it here in the Philippines, making me the only iOS Engineer on my first year working at Metron.

Metron 2.0

  • Helped in stabilizing the app, fixing bugs and refactored some foundation codes in the app. Helped in building a workout / training app, app enhancements, new features for the app. Main features of the app is to use it to show your exercises for the day, use it as a pedometer which tracks yours pace if your within target, too fast or too slow; manually input your exercise results, see your workout logs, and personal records.

  • On 2018, my husband, also an iOS Engineer, joined the Metron team and got to publish the app to the AppStore on 2020.

  • Technology:

  • Location-based

  • Text-to-Speech (for Audio Guidance while running)

  • Audio/Video player in app

  • Mixpanel

  • Realm

  • FB SDK

  • SwiftyJSON

  • Stripe

  • iOS Maps and Amap2DMap (for showing a map on China, we are not using the same Apple map when users are from China because coordinates aren't the same)

  • Fabric Crashlytics

  • Pedometer

  • Local Notifications

  • Timer

  • Autolayout

  • Metron AppStore Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/metron-fitness/id1225833555


Client from the US. Video recording and editing app.


  • Lead iOS Engineer. Objective-C.

  • A video recording and editing tool wherein ThumbChucks users are able to capture themselves playing ThumbChucks, save it in their gallery, and can edit the video as well (cut, adjust, transform, add effects, add music to their videos).

  • ThumbChucks AppStore Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/thumb-chucks/id1188195430?mt=8


Client from the US. Created two social media iOS applications for a client.


  • Sports Social Media app - Its main feature is to be able to only save the last 9seconds of your video. Why? For example you're in a soccer game, you're using the app and turned the camera on, when your team makes a goal, that's the time you press the 'Stop' button. So when you share your video (here in the SportXast app, or Facebook and Twitter), you're just sharing the most important part of the video - which is the goal. It also lets you connect to other sports enthusiasts, see videos captured by other users in your feed, follow other users, create video posts.

  • No longer available in the AppStore.


Client from Australia. Created an expense, cashflow management app.

Global Expense Management System (GEMS), and B-eazy

  • Objective-C. Developed an expense, cash-flow management system, it also allows us to send invoices, logbook records.

  • No longer available in the AppStore




  • Objective-C. Globe is one of the biggest telecommunications company in the Philippines. GCash lets you store money in your Globe/TM number, turning your mobile phone into a virtual wallet. This means you can use your phone to conveniently, quickly, and safely make your important financial transactions - all at the speed of a text message. Key features of GCash app: Send Money, Buy Load, Pay Bills, and Shop Online.

  • GCash AppStore Link: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/gcash/id520020791?mt=8




  • Developed iOS app for an insurance company in Singapore which allows users to view their policies; it also includes a social capability in the app for policy holders, investors and stock holders.


  • PART-TIME IOS INSTRUCTOR, University of San Carlos, June 2012 - March 2013

  • IOS Trainer, Elementz Interactive (Cebu IT Company), July 2015 - August 2015