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I just had this thought lately about how I think that I'm just an average programmer. I mean, I honestly think that I do well in my job, but as you can see in my resume, I have only been doing iOS. And it's not because I don't like other programming languages, but because I do not know other languages besides what I am doing now. But even though I've only been doing iOS, there are still a lot of iOS Engineers who excel so much, I feel so left behind. And of course, I am aware that there will always be people better than me.

This time, I just wanna explore more, experience more and learn more about programming. I could be sharing programming challenges I found online, and how an average programmer thinks and solves it in an average manner (definitely, the answers are not gonna be on the same level as those competitive programmers).

In this website, we're gonna share with everyone what we are currently learning - it can be iOS-related, or even learning other languages, just anything programming-related.

And we hope to inspire students who have lost hope because they think that you have to be exceptionally smart for you to become a programmer. No dear, there are normal people, too, doing programming jobs.